Browne brings efficiencies and quality assurance to construction projects without increasing costs. We leverage technology, lean construction principles and advanced project management practices to prevent delays, eliminate mistakes and minimize rework. Giving contracting organizations the ability to focus on project completion, productivity and safety.

Browne E&C Services demonstrated a strong commitment to protecting interests of the University throughout the course of our projects. Specifically on the Teacher’s College/Dyer Hall renovation, their attention to detail and expert testimony helped in mitigating several frivolous contractor claims received at the end of the project.
Barrett L. Bamberger, PE, University of Cincinnati
Browne developed a unique management tool that graphically synced booked events with the Project Master Schedule. This allowed all stakeholders to easily identify conflicts between construction and booked events. Because new events were continuously being added, the tool was updated weekly and became an integral part of weekly OACM meetings.
Mark McKillip, Principal Architect, City of Cincinnati