Starting a business is challenging, unpredictable, and not a solo sport. All CEO’s know the importance of hiring the best people and the ongoing challenges related to that effort. When is it the right time to hire, does this person have the skills, experience, tenacity, and the drive to succeed in our company? Will they fit in with our company culture?

In 1995, I left my secure corporate job and stepped out on faith that my plan to create a minority owned engineering and construction firm of relevance would work. My strategy was to keep overhead low, drive sales based on my skillset, and in time, our corporate capability would grow.  Five years later, we landed the first of our many national sports team stadium construction projects. While we were growing and hiring, I was struggling to find balance, consistency, and focus.  In 2003, after 5 years and four different Corporate Administrators, our company changed forever.  At the time, tiring of change in this position and in need of consistency, a good friend, introduced me to Linda Lloyd.  She and I had a conversation….and twenty years later, Browne Engineering and Construction is now an established firm in the AEC industry. We provide Owner’s representation, estimating, and engineering consulting services to institutional and corporate owners for construction projects up to $50 million dollars. We are here today in large part due to Linda’s dedication to her role and her magical way of interacting with people that endears us to our clients and assures the utmost respect from our peers, partners, and friends throughout our industry.

As leaders of capital projects, success for our team of civil engineers, construction managers and designers, depends, without question, on information.  How are our clients feeling about our service? What can we do to exceed their expectations? Is there more we can do to assure profitability? As CEO, I need a continual stream of solid information. Is our team compliant to our processes? Are we achieving our KPI’s? How can we reduce our overhead and maximize our billing?  How do we achieve our client goals and protect their brand? Over the past 20 years, Linda Lloyd, leading her team of Browne support professionals, has provided the consistency, commitment, and information we need to fundamentally drive our company’s success. Very few have the professional aptitude, calming disposition, graceful mannerism, and warm personable presence to match the innate skills of Linda Lloyd.  No one meets Linda and walks away unchanged—always for the better.

It is with pride and appreciation that Browne Engineering & Construction recognizes Linda D. Lloyd’s contributions to our firm, to our clients, and the communities that we serve.

Thank you Linda!

Browne is a registered Engineering and construction services firm in the State of Ohio and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, overseeing the planning, design, and construction of projects from beginning to end. To talk with us about your next project call 513-931-0900. We look forward to working with you.