The time it takes to design a project is typically equal to about half the time it takes to construct a project.  Design and Construction is a complex process requiring specialized expertise and constant communication built on a series of technical assessments, assumptions, and predictions.  So, what happens when the available time to design a project and the needs of the organization to fund it, aren’t aligned?   When a ‘go/no go’ decision is driven by an ability to execute this complex system in less than half the normal amount of time—this is what we call …The Sprint!”

Browne was selected as the owner’s representative on this project by a local nonprofit, NKCAC, whose vision was to renovate a series of their service locations throughout northern Kentucky.  To assure the project met strict federal funding deadlines, our team had a huge challenge to overcome.  We had to secure the required specialized expertise, hiring architects and engineers, and complete the first phase of the design to support the funding request in just 28 days… a process that often requires 3 to 4 months! And once approved, the budget could not change. Fortunately, our Browne team excels under these circumstances and here’s how it all went down.

Under the Sprint:

  • The client, with Browne’s counsel, established a vision for the funding response.
  • Browne set the budget and other requirements for each deliverable to validate each for completeness.
  • Browne closely controlled implementation…setting the project schedule, negotiating contracts, optimizing communication, and assembling the final funding response.
  • A list of prequalified architects was established for the project.
  • The owner contracted directly with each technical consultant to perform studies in parallel to the procurement of the architects.
  • The architect provided cost estimating to run parallel to its design, a cost estimator skilled in conceptual cost development.
  • Browne presented the client with a solution and process predicated on the assumptions of the funder’s guidelines, technical recommendations, owner preferences, and experience.

The Results:

  • The architect and other consultants were selected and given Notice to Proceed within the first week.
  • The project team and all consultants met virtually at a minimum of twice a week.
  • After award was verbalized, design decisions requiring site assessments and existing condition surveys were based on preliminary results, which were updated during the Funder’s proposal review period.
  • Moody Nolan our valued project partner, dedicated a Project Architect capable of making drawing changes in real time.
  • The conceptual estimates were updated as key design decisions were made.
  • Final drawings, narratives, and studies were complete within 4 weeks, leaving days to finalize the funding response and review.
  • It took 24 hours of continuous updating to finalize the Funding response.
  • Using a full 7 day/week schedule, the Federal Application was submitted on-time within hours of the deadline.
  • As a result, all the NKCAC buildings were fully funded.

“Working with NKCAC and Browne Engineering on this project was an opportunity to produce great design in keeping with the federal submission process, with little to no time, no scalable existing documents to start with, and no survey. It required a unique partnership and a strong flexible team. Amazingly, our team locked arms with NKCAC and Browne Engineering, made hard decisions, kept the needs of the children and the community in the forefront of our minds, and obtained an approved submission within a 21-day sprint!” Vince Terry, Moody Nolan.

“It was a miracle you were able to pull off this project under such a tight timeline.  Very impressive.  We look forward to working with you on our next project.” Catrena Bowman-Thomas, Executive Director, NKCAC.

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