Like building a strong physical foundation for your building, Browne’s preconstruction process creates a strong foundation for a successful project—one with fewer surprises, unexpected costs, and project delays. During pre-construction, vital decisions are made, client success measurements are established, and the right team is assembled to help ensure your project, when completed, meets your goals and objectives. If construction takes 2 years from start to finish, surprisingly, the pre-construction work can take another year.

“We actually consider the preconstruction work to be the hardest part.” Says Eric Browne, CEO. “It moves the project from a concept to something tangible. It’s during this phase, that the owner’s dreams are aligned with cash, codes, class, and community.” Creative ideas are great but must be tempered with the availability and timing of funds, comply with all building codes, build in quality that will last, and become a jewel to the community and other stakeholders.

The key to a successful project development process relies heavily on the expertise of the project lead. They need to be a strong, savvy, clear communicator. Someone who can smoothly manage all areas of the development process. They need to have historical knowledge of the best vendors and suppliers in the region— who’s experienced, dependable, cost effective, and creative. Our project leaders are capable of solving problems as they arise. Having a strong pre-construction process can mean the difference between a successful project and one that leaves people unhappy. At Browne we’ve been at this a long time. We have years of experience training our team in the best project development practices in the industry. It gives every client we work with a better project experience.

Browne is a project management firm overseeing the planning, design, and construction of projects from beginning to end. To talk with us about your next project call 513-931-0900. We look forward to working with you!